Strategy Visualization

Profit margins are reached (and exceeded) when everyone has a clear and iron-clad grasp of the complex information they’re expected to understand and act on.

Even major corporations realize this. They realize the importance of having employees and even clients understand the core of the data being conveyed, so they invest in what we call Strategy Visualization.

We take the in-depth information that’s trapped deep in PowerPoint decks, product sheets, and capability brochures and transform them from hard-to-grasp concepts (buried across several, difficult-to-access formats) into a clear, concise visual image that explains everything your team needs to make your product and your company the best.

This gives teams, clients, and stakeholders a Tiffany crystal vision to rally around, eliminating generic and ambiguous messages that are riddled with corporate lingo, which numbs the audience, rather than excites them.

Situations ripe for visualization include:
  1. A complicated service or product: New ideas require time and effort to understand through verbiage. An image helps people understand not only faster, but more fully.

Typically, confused people don’t buy things. Visualizing gets a value proposition across faster, with nuance and respect for the reader’s time, reducing sales cycles.

  1. An unmotivated workforce: When a merger, new leadership, or strategy shift has weakened the human capital of a firm, information visualization re-energizes the team.

A visual has a way of prioritizing information, helping everyone in the company realize where the company is headed, and what their role can be. Graphical job aids for different divisions can drive that overarching vision down to specifics about what each individual is supposed to do to support the larger team.

The Nour Group now offers information visualization services through the expertise of our Creative Director, Lin Wilson.

Lin has combined his training as an illustrator with a background in marketing to bring visual understanding in a variety of formats, including process mapping, data visualizations, marketing communications and sales tools, job aids, current/future roadmaps, improved-state prototypes and graphic recording.

Don’t leave them guessing. Hand them a Strategy Visualization they can rally around. Light their fires and ignite your profits.




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